A Welcome Letter

Happy Spring and Welcome to Reneu Detox!

I am so pleased to connect with you about optimizing your health and all that it encompasses. Addressing the mind-body-spirit triad is critical to reaching your most healthful, beautiful self. If you are new to the conversation about the power of eating real, nourishing, life-enhancing foods, think of Reneu Detox as a jumping off point, a place to begin your journey and dip your toes into a reasonable, thoughtful and graceful relationship with food. For others, Reneu is a place to become more educated and deepen your journey in a way that best serves YOU. There is a lot of information out there and I want to share with you the most sound principles and tools that I know and trust are transformative and awakening. Step-by-step, change by change, you can experience a freedom from food issues you may currently experience, and, most importantly, enjoy a way of eating and living that sticks for good. Just as important to your optimal health and radiance is your state of mental clarity and emotional peace. These three key elements are all interconnected and as many of you experience, when one link in the chain is faulty, the others suffer, the integrity of all is in jeopardy. I want to share with you tools and strategies for uplifting your mind-body-spirit, creating a whole, healthful you; more aware, more mindful and more beautiful.

I do hope that in sharing my passion for this topic something new will resonate with you; maybe spark a curiosity, a desire to take your journey a step further. We ALL can achieve a greater degree of vitality and I want to help encourage you to really look within, challenge your palette, your thoughts, your cravings and experience a real freedom and pleasure from food and the profoundly positive impact it has on your body and mind! Each of us is different, we exist in the world in a way that is unique. The way that we experience the world is varied: our thoughts, our feelings, our perceptions, all of it, is individual and special. What works for one body, mind and soul may not work for another. But, there are sound, surefire principles around food and eating that will work for EVERYONE, EVERY BODY, to enhance overall health, beauty and emotional wellness. Be patient, there is no need to rush. Enjoy and be conscious throughout the process and you will experience your most radiant self. I look forward to sharing in this awakening with you!

With love and blessings,