A Perfect Combination

avocado tomato toast

When I learned about the principle of food combining it was life changing. It’s a simple idea but it can feel challenging as you venture into it. Once you connect to it however, it will change things for you dramatically, optimizing digestion, maximizing enzyme and nutrient absorption and keeping the weight off! Here’s the thing: meat and potatoes-out! Fish and chips-out! Toast and eggs-out! On the surface this seems obvious, right? These are all high fat (bad fat), high calorie foods, environmentally unsustainable and more than likely processed…but that’s actually not the focus here..the thing I want to alert you to is the combination! From now on, consider this: protein AND starch-OUT! I want you try to think about separating your meals into protein/neutral OR starch/neutral. No longer shall the two (protein and starch) meet!

meat and potatoes

The principle is this: you want to eat foods in combinations that encourage your digestive tract to become efficient, eliminating waste easily and regularly, allowing your body to become, slim, toned, radiant, energized and the machine that it’s meant to be. What you DO NOT want to do is eat foods in combinations that allow for slow digestion and waste build up. Here’s the break down: the stomach acids released to digest proteins are different from stomach acids released to digest starches. In order to digest a “poorly” combined meal, both acids are released together. When this happens they nearly neutralize each other contributing to poor digestion overall and when your meal does not digest successfully you may start to feel too full, bloated, gassy and sleepy! The worst of it is that this poor, inefficient digestion allows for the waste in your gut to remain stagnant. This stagnant waste putrefies in your colon, thanks to all that body heat (it is 98.7 degrees in there, remember!) and does not exit your system. Eww, is the appropriate term here. Waste that does not exit your colon leads to weight gain and the inability to lose weight as you may desire. So know this: when you eat a protein ALONG WITH a starch: meat and potatoes, fish and chips, eggs and toast, basically the standard American diet (SAD, and yes, I love that the Standard American Diet IS “SAD”) you are slowing your digestive system down and, much like a clogged drain, backing waste up, ultimately keeping weight on and adding to what’s already there! Consuming well combined meals allows the digestive process to function smoothly and quickly, leaving you energized, satisfied and without excess bloat, waste and weight!


If you suffer from gassiness, bloating, constipation, all symptoms of poor digestion, consider altering your food combinations and see how you feel. Everyone I know who has adhered to this “proper combination” eating reports feeling lighter, having more energy and feeling “emptied” after a bowel movement. Not to mention, they have ALL lost weight, whether that was their goal or not! This is precisely because the digestive system is working efficiently and not exhausting your energy trying to move poor combinations of food through your very long and winding digestive tract. The waste exits, the energy soars, skin clears, sleep improves, pounds are shed…what’s not to like? In addition, tougher challenges some of us face are dramatically reduced, if not eliminated, from chronic heartburn to IBS to asthma and arthritis!

For today’s post I’m going to keep it really simple and encourage you to start by NOT combining protein (animal based foods) with starch. Think about your plate: does it hold chicken, veggies AND rice? Decide to enjoy the chicken OR the rice, NOT BOTH. Is your pasta topped with shrimp AND tomato sauce? Choose to enjoy the shrimp and sauce OR the pasta and sauce, NOT BOTH. AND, this is important: whatever you eat, enjoy it with lots of raw, fresh veggies (cooked is great too, but you must have raw). If you are a nut and seed eater, enjoy them alone or with dried fruit, but not along with protein or starch. Same with fresh, raw fruit: have it alone, on an empty stomach, not alongside protein, starch or nuts and seeds.

Many clients ask me about sandwiches; people love sandwiches! It’s fine, just consider what’s in between that whole grain, gluten free bread. No longer will it be: tuna or turkey or cheese (all protein/animal based foods). Now its going to be: avocado, sprouts, leafy greens, sliced ripe tomato and fresh herbs. AND THIS IS CRITICAL ANYWAY AS YOU SHOULD MOVE AWAY FROM CONSUMING ANIMAL PROTEIN. You’re going to feel satisfied, light and calm, no longer sleepy, bloated, gassy and stuffed, uncomfortable and agitated.

Remember to consider your meal before you fill your plate. decide which type of meal you’d like to enjoy: a starch/neutral OR a protein/neutral. Veggies always go with either! Look for my next post where I’ll show you appropriate and delicious options for each category…and of course contact me with any questions!

Be well and enjoy! With love from Reneu