Cashing in on Laziness

carrot strawberry juice

Here’s a lesson for us all. I certainly learned mine. There are a few juice bars in my town and one of them belongs to a popular brand with 25 locations (!) in and around the New York City area. I hadn’t made a juice at home and it was convenient  for me to bounce in and out of this place and purchase my juices for the day. I purchased several juices and over the course of a few weeks, made life easier at home. Well, the FRONT of the label posts a “Formula,” and then lists a number of ingredients that are presumably in the juice. After several weeks of my purchasing this pricey juice, I happened to notice that the SIDE of the label posts “Ingredients,” and an almost entirely different list of ingredients! What?! What the heck have I been buying here? And I purposely tell you that I “happened to notice,” because truth be told, I wasn’t being inquisitive enough…I was being lazy. I didn’t purposely scan the label one day, my eye just happened to fall upon the very small word “Ingredients” one morning. I knew that this juice bar had a good reputation and I took for granted that what they showed me was in the juice was ACTUALLY IN THE JUICE when in fact what they highlighted boldly on the front of the label was not what they wrote in small print on the side of the label. I called the place to inquire and was told by a perfectly nice, if not sheepish, young man that in fact the ingredients IN the bottle were THOSE listed in small print on the side of the bottle. They are NOT those listed under “Formula” on the front of the bottle. Further, he went on to say that he “had wondered the same thing himself.” Its not that the juice was bad, or bad for me. The actual ingredients in the bottle were still organic and raw. But if I had wanted a juice with pear or grapefruit or orange in it, that’s what I would’ve purchased. I thought, because I had only read the front of the bottle, that the only fruit I was ingesting in this particular juice was lemon and green apple. Hm. Well, there you have it. My laziness was not only contributing to my not paying attention to what was going into my body, it was also contributing to the very large profits of a company that is, in my estimation, falsely advertising.


Pay attention to labels, people. Don’t fall into the lazy column, at least not on a consistent basis. And really be thoughtful about what you ingest. It all counts. It all makes a difference, to you and to corporations. I’ll be returning to the OTHER juice bar in town (Green & Tonic) that I know only lists on its labels what is actually in the bottle. They’re honest, they’re genuine and I’d rather support their establishment on my laziest of days….