Coca Cola and Exercise



Have you read the latest from Coke? They are asserting, in the face of sagging sales (thank you former NYC Mayor Bloomberg for getting that train rolling!), that Coke isn’t necessarily bad for you. Huh?? Along with a team of hired assassins, excuse me, hired scientists, Coke is now suggesting that it’s not the beverage (nor the unhealthy foods you’re consuming) that contributes to heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, excess weight, etc., it’s that you’re not exercising enough! Wow. Glad they cleared that up. Because I was under the impression that:

1. Soda, as countless studies have shown, actually contributes significantly to the spread of obesity and Type 2 diabetes. Especially the diet sodas that Coke has also told us, are “better” for us to consume to excess.

2. A 12ounce can of Coke has 140 calories and about 10 tsp. of sugar! Sure, you can walk up to three miles to offset the caloric intake of that can of soda but that walking does nothing to offset the damage that soda has done to your kidneys, liver, pancreas, central nervous system, colon, stomach, insulin levels, cholesterol…oh, and I almost forgot your teeth.



3. Soda is not a nutritional beverage, like say, oh, I don’t know, ¬†water; nor is it hydrating. AT ALL. Rather, that fizzy beverage is incredibly dehydrating and offers NO nutritional benefits whatsoever. Look at the label. It contains: water (nice try, but the water in this can is completely compromised by the remaining ingredients and so, is not in fact nutritionally beneficial to you here), high fructose corn syrup and/or sucrose, caramel color, phosphoric acid, natural flavors (whatever they may be!) and caffeine.

The message Coke and their hired hands want us to take away from their “studies” is that it’s not the foods and beverages we consume that make us heavy and sick, its that we’re not moving around enough afterwards! Kudos to Coke for reminding us that exercise is important but shame on them for thinking we can be fooled so easily. Get your exercise, of course! Move your body in ways you enjoy and that feed you spiritually, calm you emotionally and get your muscles fired up. But don’t think that merely by exercising you will counter the litany of negative effects poor eating and drinking have on you. It doesn’t work that way and your body will rebel.



My friends, Coke, and all other caffeinated, sugar laden, weirdly colored beverages, is not to be considered a hydrating drink to be guzzled without consequence! Please do not get deflected by the wily “research” of the Global Energy Balance Network (the new nonprofit Coke has put their money behind to get their latest message out). A can of Coke, or any soda for that matter is not valuable to you in any way and exercise, albeit critical to a healthy mind and body, is not going to do enough to remedy a toxic interior.

Drink your green juice, drink your water, herbal tea and consume lots of water-dense leafy greens and vegetables. Coke is not the “real thing.” Real food, real beverages, REAL good for you.