Pretty Green Things: KIWI



Tons of these downy-textured coated gems in the market right now. Some people don’t like kiwi! Gasp! That’s ok, to each taste her own…I happen to love Kiwi and enjoy them sliced and diced just as they are. If you are a lover of this olive hued, fuzzy on the outside, juicy, tangy, emerald jewel on the inside, add the following to your reasons for enjoying them during these balmy summer days!

Kiwi is full of Vitamin C. In fact, one kiwi provides you with a full daily dose. You’ll want this Vitamin C as not only does it shore up your immune system, it also helps to fight free-radicals (which contribute to premature signs of aging). Kiwi also helps form collagen (your skin loves this) and acts as an anti-inflammatory in the body. There should nothing but big love for the little kiwi.


I enjoy the kiwi fruit just shy of ripe, peeled and sliced…simple and pure makes me the happiest, but consider adding your juicy fruit to smoothies, green juices and, for a real cool snack freeze a whipped kiwi (with a few other additions) into a popsicle mold for a back from the beach treat!