Beauty Fruit: Watermelon

watermelonAhhhhhh….does it get more refreshing than watermelon? Of course not! Because watermelon is mostly water; up to 92%! That’s a lot of hydration packed into one juicy bite. Not only does watermelon feel so good going down it also provides the body with lycopene, a powerful antioxidant that among other things, protects your skin from harmful sun rays. This pretty pink fruit also aids the body in the production of arginine, an amino acid significant to the natural production of HGH, that anti aging booster. Watermelon is cooling, detoxifying and helps to reduce water retention as well. Interestingly, watermelon also provides a significant source of iron to your thirsty cells, contributing to healthy nails, hair and glowing skin.


Enjoy it sliced and diced, juiced for an intensely sweet and hydrating drink after a workout, frozen like a slushy,  or scooped with a spoon right from a halved fruit! Give everyone a spoon for a shared treat…summer recipes abound for this luscious, slimming summer fruit.


Get it while you can and get it organic!