Something BIG I learned: SO IMPORTANT!!


Hello to All!

Breaking News! This was BIG news for me and so very important for all to know about themselves. Not too long ago I went to a homeopathic doctor for an hormonal check up. A little hormonal clarity and understanding was needed.  I was feeling….shall we say, a WEE BIT hormonally driven; driven to tears, driven to anger to maybe….a little fury and who knows what else?! Suffice it to say that at my age and with my symptoms, I thought I might be in need of a little support. Before my terrific doctor could diagnose anything and start any treatment regimen, she insisted that blood work be done. Fine with me and no worries; I’m dang healthy after all! Right? Of course I am! I ain’t got nothin’ to worry ’bout. I practice what I preach. Well, well, well…was I in for a surprise.

I am healthy to be sure but something interesting (and critical for ME to know) was discovered in my blood labs. I had high glucose levels. Whoa. Say what? Really? Was she sure? How can that be? I’m SO HEALTHY!! Well, sure you are, my doc assured me. But you have a genetic predisposition towards diabetes, don’t you? I do. And you drink an inordinate amount of green juices every morning, is that right? It is. Well, there you are! Cut them out. Period. End of story. What? What was I HEARING?? I knew green juices could be full of sugar but the alkalinity it provided my body with was worth the sugar intake. Besides, I was careful. I had barely any fruit in my green juice and it was strictly limited to lemons or green apples. I was on it! Well….not so much, apparently.

It was explained to me that while it’s true green juices are optimal for flushing the body with a wealth of all things alkaline, MY body did not actually appreciate the sugar that also came along for the ride. Now, for someone else’s body, this may not be the case. They may NOT have a genetic predisposition to diabetes and so may reap all the benefits of that liquid gold without any longterm harm to their insulin levels. I do not have a body like that and I was already on my way to suffering consequences. Yowzah. Who knew? Not me.

So, lovelies, the moral of this story is, before you embark on any significant lifestyle change that will incorporate green juices with substantial regularity, please get your blood tested. Find out what will do YOUR body good. You may be one of those people for whom green juices are a blissful and healthy addition to your daily intake. But, in the event you are not one of those, it’s crucial to know! Can you imagine taking on such a lifestyle change and adhering to it for so long only to find out after years of commitment and seemingly beaming results that you’re actually ushering your way into a life with Type 2 diabetes?!! That could’ve been me and as someone who wants the best for each of YOU, I would be negligent if I didn’t share this with you. Take the time, visit your doctor or trusted homeopath and find out what might ail YOU or allow you to truly thrive. I preach sugar abandonment to all of my clients but how could I ever explain to any of them that I’d developed diabetes? I couldn’t. Not without knowing the truth about how MY body processes, metabolizes and ushers around what I choose to eat. Well, now I know better.

I still enjoy a green juice now and again but MUCH LESS than I had before and no longer on a daily basis. They remain as refreshing and cell enhancing as ever, but now I know better. So much of a juicy thing was not doing my body justice. What I enjoy instead to achieve maximum alkalinity and continued optimal health and weight in my next post!

Until then…sending you joy and peace!