When You’re Feeling The Monthly Blah’s



Well, its that time of the month.

You ladies know what I’m talking about. The bloat, the fatigue, the headaches, the blues. Then it hit me. I’m feeling this way because I have not been adhering to what I know best. I haven’t been raw enough! Symptoms aren’t so bad when I’m eating my best, but start falling off that veggie wagon far enough and I start hitting the bumps along the road. Does that happen to you ?

When the cravings hit, and boy can it be a smack down, the knowledge that you have must be kicked into gear. The better you are about sticking to the plan that suits your body, the less chance you have of feeling that ultimate slump; you know the one that eventually ends and has you promising yourself to “start again on Monday.”


There’s no reason to ride up and down on that merry go ’round. Let go of those reins and free yourself! You can eliminate the bloat, the headaches, the moody blues and the sensation of sloth just by sticking to sound eating principles. Stay away from refined sugar and processed foods (they do a number on our already delicate hormonal balance). So, no matter how strong the craving, say no to: cookies, cakes, candy, pasta, pizza…you know the drill. Take it easy with the caffeine. It’s not easy, I know, especially when those hormones have you ready for bed at 7pm. But, caffeine is not the answer! It’s too much of a stimulant and so, gives you a high and then a serious low. The more you consume over the course of the day, the more you will want the next. And some people are especially sensitive to caffeine and it can actually make you feel heavier because it’s making you heavier! Stick to green tea for a boost and start your day with warm lemon water; add a tsp. of apple cider vinegar, a peeled and sliced cube of fresh ginger and an 1/8 tsp. of cayenne pepper for a metabolic pick me up! Also, make sure you’re consuming enough protein during this time of the month. Filling yourself up on protein is not only important to regulating your hormones it’s also satiating to your tummy! Filling up on free range eggs, wild caught fish or lean (properly sourced) poultry and veggies will keep your energy high and your cravings for crap low. Lastly, and this is important, get exercise! I see your eyes rolling and I empathize, believe me. But it really helps. Even 30 minutes a day of something, anything, that gets your body moving is worth it. There I days I can hardly think about moving my hand over to the remote but I make myself do a little something. Gentle yoga for 30 minutes is a savior on those days and I’m telling you gals, it really makes a difference to your lymphatic drainage system, the regularity of your menstrual cycle, your energy levels, and your moods. So, get yourself moving, even jumping on a mini trampoline for 15 minutes makes a ton of difference!


Follow the advice you know. Listen to your body. You got this and you will get past all that…just ride that wave and know it will pass!